Mediation is an informal process in which a trained neutral, a mediator, assists the parties before, or during a lawsuit or dispute, to reach a resolution or settlement to a lawsuit or dispute. As stated by Calkins and Lane*:

Mediation is a process which not only resolves differences in a gentler way, but enables the parties to replace turmoil with peace and anguish with healing. It seeks to downplay the adversarial nature of the judicial system replacing it with a process which encourages the parties to work together to a common end.

Mediation is often the best way to resolve a lawsuit or dispute because it is more informal, less adversarial, and less costly than a trial. Courts often order mediation, and enforce settlements and agreements reached at Mediation. Mediation is confidential. Settlements and agreements reached at a mediation are confidential. Some states register or certify mediators who are properly trained and meet that state’s legal requirements.

Steve Williams is a registered civil mediator in Indiana, and is a trained mediator in Illinois. Steve has over 47 years of litigation experience in civil disputes, including complex litigation, and litigation involving catastrophic injuries, and in construction and business disputes.

Steve Williams, as a mediator, can assist you in informally resolving contentious disputes and lawsuits, and help you avoid time and expense in court. Steve Williams, as a mediator, can help in the mediation process to obtain a more cost effective and less stressful resolution or settlement to a dispute or lawsuit.

*Richard M. Calkins and Fred Lane, Mediation Practice Guide (4th Edition)