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At the Williams Law Firm, our attorneys take pride in their membership in state and national trial lawyer associations. One of our attorneys continues to dedicate a significant portion of his professional life to these trial lawyers associations, and has served as President of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, President of the Indiana College of Fellows, State Chairman of the American College of Trial Lawyers, and Indiana President of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

We believe the doors to the courthouse must remain open to redress wrongful conduct whether committed by an individual, a corporation or an insurance company. We believe the common man should not be shut out of justice by laws that favor doctors, insurance companies and big business, laws that are passed based on misinformation funded by multi-million dollar lobbyists. We work to fulfill our commitment through activism in the legislature, lecturing at seminars and educating our community.

At the Williams Law Firm, we don't believe that justice only comes in individual cases. Instead, we believe it is necessary to take a proactive approach to protect not just our current clients, but our future clients as well.

We give our clients a voice. We want their stories to be told. We work to get the results they deserve.

At the Williams Law Firm, we believe your story needs to be told. It's not about us. It's your case. We take the time to listen and to try and identify all possible resolutions for your problems. We will thoroughly prepare your case and give you the voice you need.

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